Though the Muhurat trading in the stock market happens on Diwali day. Generally, such trading session is held in the evening of Diwali.But there are some other days considered as most auspicious for trading, Pushya Nakshatra is one of them, and whenever Pushya Nakshatra comes on Thursday it is considered the most auspicious day for any new activity like Starting new business/venture, opening new shops, Buying or booking gem stones or wearing it on the same day. Buy gold, Jewellery, Joining new job, Investment in stock market, buying new scripts. As per cultural belief any activity started on this day have a success rate guarantee of 99.99%.
So why not to buy some good profitable script for short term profits.

Pushya Nakshatra Intraday/Short Term Trading calls  :

Buy Union Bank of India (NSE Code : UNIONBANK around 211-212 keep StopLoss at 207 Targets 215--220.

Buy TATAPOWER around 84-85 SL 82 TGT 87-90+ (Short Term) 

Have a happy trading.

Update 1 03:15pm [20-10-2014]:  UNIONBANK achieved all targets, those holding book profits OR book partial profits and use trailing stoploss for rest of quantity. Buy call given around 211-212, stock made a high of 225 today, currently trading at 223-224. 

Update 2 03:22pm [20-10-2014] : TATAPOWER achieved 1st Target of 87. Buy call given at 84-85, currently trading at 87.05, Book partial profits and keep SL at cost for remaining quantity. 

Update 3 03:01pm [28-10-2014] : TATAPOWER achieved all Targets. Buy call given at 84-85, currently trading at 90.90, Book full profits or keep trailing SL. Call over, enjoy the profits :) Thats what we call Muhurat Trading.

Update 4 03:02pm [28-10-2014] : UNIONBANK achieved all targets and today made high of 233, current market price is 232, Book full profits or keep trailing SL. Call over, enjoy the profits :) Buy call given around 211-212.

You bought these stocks on Auspicious Guru Pushya Nakshatra day with idea of making profits and you booked profits on Laabh Paancham Day. Hows that !

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