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Today’s FREE INTRADAY TIPS (Day Trading Calls):

Buy BATAINDIA around 630-634 SL 620 TGT 640-648+

Buy GRASIM around 2430-2440 SL 2410 TGT 2460-2480+

Buy PFC around 178-180 SL 176 TGT 182-185+

Rest of Live rocket calls only for paid clients…..

Premium Intraday Cash Calls have more than 85% accuracy till date, Check full 2010 performance sheet by clicking here.

FUTURES & Nifty Intraday Calls:

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Premium Intraday Calls/Tips Performance of 02-12-2011 

Buy Call on PFC, 170 to 182, Achieved More than TGTs, 7.06 % Profits

Buy Call on TITAN, 186 to 192, Achieved More than TGTs, 3.23 % Profits

Buy Call on ORCHIDCHEM, 163 to 168.4, Achieved More than TGTs, 3.31 % Profits

Trend Scrip %   Remarks
Buy PFC 7.06 % Achieved More than TGTs
Buy TITAN 3.23 % Achieved More than TGTs
Buy ORCHIDCHEM 3.31 % Achieved More than TGTs
3 Calls given Total
3 Calls Achieved More than Targets
0 Calls Achieved Target
0 Calls Exit in Profit
0 Calls Exit around Cost
0 Calls Exit in Little Loss
0 Calls SL Taken
13.60 % of Total Profit in Percentages
23,400 Rupees Profit, with 1000 quantity in each call
2,340 Rupees Profit, with 100 quantity in each call
6,788 Rupees Profit, with amount of 50,000 in each call
1,343 Rupees Profit, with amount of 10,000 in each call

Above Performance includes RIP Pack Calls, SureShot Pack Calls.

Mail at to get subscription/payment details

-> Kindly avoid buy or sell stock near target or stop loss.

-> Always keep trailing stop loss, don't convert your profit into loss.

-> Be cautious and strictly maintain stop loss. Trade safely.

-> Don't buy/sell against the trend. Strictly BUY in UPPER TREND only & SELL only in DOWN TREND.

Happy Trading ..


Note : Pre-market Intraday calls are based on EOD charts and previous day’s closing price so if there is any sudden news during market hours & affects markets we are not responsible for that. Please read Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


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