We will remain offline till 23rd October 2010. A tour to Tirupati was planned in January this year and somehow by many reasons it was postponed several times. Whole Team decided not to avoid it this time as we guys are planning for this trip since last 2 years. Tour starting from 14th evening to 22nd Evening. This choice might be uncomfortable to our site visitors as we suffered and lost almost one week (22nd Sept to 4th October) previously due to SMS issue (SMSs banned by Indian Govt.) We regret for the inconvenience.

In the mean time we are updating/upgrading our Infrastructure, Hardwares (Powerful UPS systems & Multiscreen stock analysis) & specially most importantly we are shifting to new ISP including backup servers (Wimax & FO cables) . This will ensure an uninterrupted services after 22nd October.

Dont forget to visit us back at 23rd October onwards.

Premium Clients gets subscription extension more than the affected period.

Thank you very much for all your co-operation and patience.

We hope to continue serving you years ahead.

Team i


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