3 months – Rs. 12,000

6 months – Rs. 20,000 (15% discount)

1 Year – Rs. 36000 (25% discount)

In this pack you will get Weekly delivery calls / Fortnightly calls / Short term calls / Medium term calls / Long term multi baggers / penny stock ideas. Since we started Weekly Delivery based calls service long back on 2007, we got 95% renewal in this pack. Most of the Weekly delivery calls achieves their target within time frame of 1 week or less.

You will get 3-5 Weekly/fortnightly/short term calls (every week), depends on market condition, only fundamentally sound and momentum calls, Calls with clear Entry, Stoploss & Target, one can expect 5 to 15% return in a short span of time & 1-2 Medium term / long term calls every month. We send tips through email, SMS and yahoo.

This pack is for safe investors, traders and new comers mainly, will get safe and selective calls. Giving sure returns more than expected. We believe one should invest 50% of their capital in log term / medium term, 40% in weekly/ short term and 10% in intraday, as in intraday brokers are giving 5-20 times exposure. For example if suppose 10000 you have kept for intraday with your broker than can get 50,000-2,00,000 (depends on the broker) exposure to trade in intraday. Exposure may vary, as it depends on broker. Consult with your broker.

Mail at to get Bank Details. Pls mention the Pack you are Interested.


Pay by Credit Card or PayPal

We have 95% renewals in this pack

Noticeable Features :

  1. arrowblue1-r Fastest SMS server for the fastest SMS delivery. Our SMS server has a speed of 1000 SMS per minute.
  2. arrowblue1-r SMS Delivery within 20 seconds on any GSM mobile phone all over india.
  3. arrowblue1-r Weekly news letter by Mail and SMS & updates by Yahoo Messenger.
  4. arrowblue1-r Quality calls with clear Entry, Stoploss and targets.
  5. arrowblue1-r Perfect pack for new comers and active traders as this is a hot favourite pack among our paid clients. New investors can make a safest investment in stock market by distributing their capital in long term, short term calls.
  6. arrowblue1-r Very safe and selective calls, stock specific strategy to stay safe in any type of market.
  7. arrowblue1-r This pack contains everything that a safe and active investor needs.  

  • arrowblue1-r Our Medium term / Long term calls will be positional calls for safe traders on fundamentally sound companies who are supposed to be multi baggers. Returns are in the range of 20% to 150% with a view of 3 months to 6 months / a year as advised by us on different calls. 
  • arrowblue1-r Those who are planning to join our services. Please try to deposit the cheque before Thursday, so it may be clear on Saturday and you will get next week's newsletter on Monday early morning. Those who are doing online transfer, can do on Friday or on Sunday.
  • arrowblue1-r Our Calls could be in cash or in Futures & Options (mainly in cash)
  • arrowblue1-r Our Calls would cover small caps / Mid caps / large caps
  • arrowblue1-r Our calls would be based on Technical's or Fundamentals, or both / Announcements.
  • arrowblue1-r After the expiry of first subscription the renewal is of minimum 6 months.
Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before subscribing. Click here to read. 
 Mail at to get Bank Details. Pls mention the Pack you are Interested.


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