TeamIntraday is team of expert technical and fundamental analysts dedicated to guide investors and traders since many years to maximize their gains on capital. We are consistent to provide exact solution proven profitable in bull and bear market. We could achieve this due to endless efforts of our team, sophisticated trading system plans, well developed trading strategy and sound money management policy. TeamIntraday tries to bring together information and content that we can make our subscribers to improve their investment decisions and grab maximum profits.

We are enclosing the details of our service packs in our premium subscription. Thank you for the query for payment details, and glad to know you are interested in our premium subscription. Please mail at teamintraday@gmail.com to get bank details.

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  • We will not advise to catch exact bottom or exit at top. Because no one can predict exact bottom or top. It may be trying to catch a falling knife or early exit eroding your profit. Rather we suggest buying high and selling higher. 
  • We will always recommend our trade with strict stop loss to preserve your capital. Trading with stop losses is like wearing a helmet, it costs nothing, but saves your life.
  • Always trade with trailing stop loss. Never let the profits convert into loss or less profit. Trailing stop loss means if suppose the call is XYZ COMPANY Buy @ 500 Stop loss 490 Target 550. Suppose u buy at 500, now it is at 520 then modify and keep the stop loss at 510 or 515 whatever you find suitable at that time, now if it goes to 540 then keep it at 525 or 530. Sometimes you may get less profit, but to protect your capital and your profit this is the best method. To know about trailing stop loss is very very imp. Different methods are used with different brokers/terminals for trailing stop loss. You must ask your broker to get complete details about trailing stop loss.
  • To protect your capital: You can earn profit when your capital is safe. Profits are not important as your capital. If you loose a big portion of your capital due to false entry and exit, then game is over. To protect your capital we strictly provide stop loss levels drawn from money management. To multiply your capital. 
  • Always treat failures [losses] if any, as an learning opportunity, for every failure opens the doors of success, failures should be used as a source of motivation rather than depression. 
  • Always while trading keep the amount same in each trade and not the quantity, ex: if have traded 50000/- in one, trade 50000/- in another rather than trading 100 shares in each trade. i.e. keep the trading amount same in each trade rather than the trading quantity.

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